Our school, Váci Mihály Industrial Vocational Grammar School, Vocational School and Hostel of Székesfehérvár, fulfills its training task with educating mechanical and transport trade in the form of a flexible school structure which meets the requirements of the labour market. The variegation of our institution is proved by different faculties besides the trades educated.
The four-floor school building, the hostel , the gym as well as the workshop building were opened on 5 September, 1970. Our students are educated by well-prepared teachers with serious educational experiences.
Dormitory teachers help students’ preparation, spend free-time usefully keeping contact with teachers and parents in our homely hostel for 100 people. The dormitory offers its dwellers facilities like a clubroom, an IT room, a library and a gym. Visiting theatre and cinema together, sports and other entertaining programmes colour the life in the hostel.
There is vibrant sports life in our school. A well-equipped gym, an outdoor handball and basketball court as well as a football pitch ensure sports facilities.
Our students can choose from learning the German or English language considering what they learnt in the primary school.
The 14 rooms of 1700 m2 workshop building are equipped with cutting-edge technical items. The CNC cabinet has several turning and milling machines as well as a computer software helping programming. A material testing laboratory, a measurement room, a polisher and welding room can also be found in the workshop building. Modern educating and diagnostic equipment ensure the practical training of car mechanic students in the car mechanic workshops.
Learning trades in the framework of vocational school and vocational grammar school has been possible since September of 2016.
The 5-year vocational school based on the 8th class of primary school ensures the general knowledge of the foundation curriculum as well as the theoretical and practical knowledge of the following trades: mechanical cutter, industrial mechanic, welder, building and structural locksmith, toolmaker, vehicle coater and bodyworker. After the students have taken the trade exam, they have a 2-year preparation for the matura exam. During the training, students of several trades are paid grant in the amount of 10.000-35.000 HUF according to their school result. More details can be read on the website of the school.
In the vocational grammar school, students take mature exam in several subjects. The certificate of the matura exam entitles them to fulfil a certain job. Moreover, the students can learn to become a car mechanic or a car electronics technician in 1 year.
In both types of school the criterion of moving forward to the next year is that the students spend a continuous professional summer practice with various period as the given trade specifies.